moe-seatMedia is changing fast. We’re leading the way.

We are looking for talented technology professionals with experience building great products and media industry professionals who have walked in the shoes of most of our customers. If you’ve worked behind the scenes in a TV station, radio station or advertising agency; have bold ideas about the future of media; and put your heart into everything you do, we’d love to talk to you.

Our Values:

1They own it! At WideOrbit, we’re all CEO’s of what we do. We’re self-motivated, driven, and take pride in every task or project no matter how big or small.

2Spirit of cooperation: WideOrbiters are genuine people that are focused on achieving team goals. We treat each other as we treat our customers. We’re never too busy to help.

3Innovative: WideOrbiters push themselves to think beyond the ordinary. Every day we challenge each other to look at every opportunity from a new angle.